Why It’s Better to Have a Built-in Wardrobe

Built-in Wardrobe

Gone are the days of just going with what’s given to you, we are now raised in a society where choice is as important as freedom. So you now have the freedom to choose your bedroom wardrobes.

You can design a fitted wardrobe with all the features you want, and all the details you would use. You can exclude any features that would not be useful to you.

Does it drive you mad that freestanding wardrobes don’t include enough space for you to tidy up your shoes and accessories in the allotted compartments? You can solve this problem easily with a fitted wardrobe. In fact, when you build a fitted wardrobe, you can even specify the inclusion of a shoe rack with exactly the number of pairs of shoes you own.

Have you ever been frustrated by wasted space in your room, because the wardrobe was a little too small, and it left unusable areas between itself and one or more walls?

You can banish these worries by designing a fitted wardrobe that fits seamlessly into the room. Your fitted wardrobe will be just the right size, with no wasted space.

Have you considered spending hours, days or even weeks stripping and sanding the paint off an old wardrobe so you could refinish it to coordinate better with its environment?

When you build a fitted wardrobe, you can use materials that will complement your other furnishings flawlessly.

A fitted built-in cupboard becomes part of your home and is an investment that can make your home more valuable. Unlike many investments, this is one that you can actually enjoy using every day; it is a tangible investment that you can enjoy, yet still reap some rewards from in the future if you ever decide to sell your home.

Happy designing!

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