Rearranging Your Bedroom Cupboards for Storage

Bedroom Cupboards

Bedrooms can often get cluttered with our junk. Not because it’s a storage facility but merely because it’s a point of reference for us. When you get home, you would usually walk through the front door and just dump your things on the dining room table. Hours later your wife will call to go clean up your things. So you would pick them up and drop it off in the bedroom where she won’t always find it. This bad habit leads to a lot of unnecessary grey hairs for both of you. There is a solution and it is fashioned in the sense of storage.

Built-in cupboards are a great way to supplement closet space and boost storage inside the bedroom. To incorporate this idea without embarking on a remodel, position floor-to-ceiling wardrobe units against the wall and add moulding around the top to emulate a built-in look.

For the most effective use of space, you’ll have to be strategic when choosing furniture for a small bedroom. Consider pieces that serve a dual purpose, such as a desk that also serves as a bedside table. Instead of a bulky desk chair, opt for a stool that can easily tuck beneath the desk and out of the way when not in use.

In smaller bedrooms, all furniture pieces besides the bed should be scaled down to reduce visual clutter. Small-space organization calls for smarter, not larger, furniture pieces, and that includes bedside tables and nightstands.

A closed drawer is an invitation to clutter, especially when your space lacks small bedroom storage ideas. To keep your stuff from getting out of control, start with an organizing system that sorts items by type.

You can use these trundle bed drawers in place of a traditional dresser to store folded clothing.

There are many options to use, you just need to have an idea of what can be stored in your room and what cannot.

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