Modern Kitchen Designs that are Trending

Modern Kitchen Designs

There are many trends for modern kitchen designs. Some of which are newly inspired and some are a twist on old designs. Both give a wide variety of options for the clients who are interested in modern kitchen designs.

Here are the latest trends in modern kitchen designs:

1. Tiled kitchen backlash: a mixture of matt finishes and gloss gives a contrasting look to your kitchen.

2. Mixing of vintage and antiques: this trend creates a warm home environment and traditional look while giving it a modern spin.

3. Glass partitions: this helps in reducing sounds and contains smells in busy homes.

4. Layered lightening: it may be a bit challenging but if you plan your lighting well it will offer you functionally while creating a sense of space in the room.

5. Mesh cabinets: this look creates an industrial style to the kitchen and this is very much on trend lately.

6. Using materials in surprising ways: repurpose glass jars for plants, or make your artwork for the walls, for example.

7. Sink skirt revival and single open shelf: create an openness and wonder to your kitchen with floating shelves.

8. Marble kitchens: marble is a high quality material which is classic and creates a good contrast with other surfaces, such as wood and metals.

9. Double island: this is useful in larger kitchens, and acts as additional surface space for cooking or for family meals.

10. Handless designs: one of the biggest trends this year because it is simple and modern is DIY kitchen units without handles that you can touch gently then watch it open softly.

Finally, your selection depends on your preferences and what you’ve always dreamed of having in your kitchen. If you plan it correctly, you could build it yourself. So ]follow your thoughts, sense and feelings and choose what fits your desire.