Keeping Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

The upkeep of your DIY kitchen units and cupboard doors from Universal Doors does not have to be a stressful or difficult task. Regular cleaning will do most of the work, but you want to ensure that your cupboards remain in excellent condition for years to come. Spending money on renovations in the future because of poor cleaning will be a frustrating way to waste money and time, especially when they can be maintained with ease.

These are four tips to remember when cleaning to ensure your cabinets remain shiny, clean and look almost new for years to come.

Avoid Water Logging Cabinets

People make the mistake of using excessive water when cleaning and forget that the base materials will soak it up, possibly leading to rot or insect infestations over time. Water can also cause damage to the finish on kitchen cupboard doors, making for dull and cheap-looking cabinets.

Use Recommended Products

Some people think that most household cleaning products are interchangeable, but this assumption can actually ruin your kitchen cupboards. It’s important to speak to your cabinet supplier and ask for their recommendations to make sure you avoid possible damage.

Take Care With Hinges

When cleaning cupboards, we can forget that hinges can rust with deep cleaning. As they deteriorate, they will become a hassle to fix, becoming a hazard to small children and pets. Hinges only require a dry cloth wipe-down with minimal effort every so often.

Inspect Your Cupboards 

Whenever doing a deep clean of the kitchen, make note of the condition of cabinets. This can alert one to potential damage, bubbling, and peeling finishes and paint. Resolving these issues can be less expensive than replacing all your cabinets because of poor care.

Throughout the day, your kitchen is in use and can get messy. Making your children’s school lunches, whipping up breakfast smoothies and throwing together a hearty meal for dinner can lead to greasy counters and kitchen cupboard doors. While a quick wipe-down can remove most of the grime, cupboards require a little more effort to maintain their sheen.

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