Designing and Fitting Your Kitchen with DIY Kitchen Units

Kitchen Designing and Fitting

There was a time when we built our homes, kitchens included – everybody knew a thing or two about cabinet making, fitting and your general DIY. Then life got much more modern, technical and ready-made. And, we lost the art of making/doing things with our hands. Now in today’s world, we have miraculously discovered DIY again and the many; many advantages. Not only for your pocket but your style, needs and wants.

Now seeing that fitting a Kitchen is next on your list for your home redesign, extension or other home improvement project, then, you are in the right place.

This is the ideal way to not only save money but also to be in complete control of your project. Moreover, if you are designing or renovating your Kitchen from scratch make sure you pay our Kitchen Design guide a visit for some ideas.

Kitchen fitting costs add to the overall spend on a new kitchen. To fit your Kitchen Units for sale, or have us install them.  DIY Kitchen Units is a brilliant way to save on your budget, especially if it is part of a larger Kitchen redesign or Kitchen extension.

For most people, the first thing that would put you off buying DIY Kitchen Units is the word “DIY”. If you have no DIY-experience, knowledge or care to fit your kitchen then you may just run a mile at even the slightest hint of the word. But it doesn’t mean you have to cut and fit your kitchen, it simply means DIY Kitchens Units are bought from a supply company cut to your specifications who may or may not offer their installation services of Kitchen Units in Johannesburg.

Then the second thing would be choosing the colour scheme. Now there are a lot of different boards (Melamine; Wrap; Duco; High Gloss Acrylic and Veneer) that come in a variety of colours, but the best choice would be White Kitchen Units.

Why? Well, four simple reasons;

  • It brightens the place up more, especially a small place; it will make it look bigger.
  • It compliments ANY colour that you want to incorporate in your Kitchen.
  • It is also better when you have the urge to change the door handles or knobs as your mood takes you.
  • Moreover, it fits in any colour schemes wanted for your Kitchen.
  • It simply just makes life easier, simpler and better.

In terms of fitting the kitchen, it does not require huge amounts of DIY experience. It is more time-consuming than anything else is! However, the specific DIY design of these

DIY Kitchens Units simplifies the process. It is mainly a matter of putting in place, levelling and cutting any necessary end panels/boards.

If you are renovating or building, see what amazing DIY Kitchen Units we have on offer at Universal Doors (in terms of quality and selection).

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