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Water Damage Kitchen Cupboards

Built-in kitchen Cupboards are one of the most problematic parts of your home when they’re received water damage. These dark, damp areas have a particular fondness for retaining moisture and growing mold. Oftentimes, since cabinetry is expensive, particle board becomes an alternative building material to reduce the hefty costs.

These are the most common causes of cupboard water damage in the kitchen:

  • Dishwashers in need of repair or replacement.
  • Leaking refrigerators.
  • Damaged automatic ice makers.
  • Damaged caulking around the kitchen sink.
  • Broken or leaking water lines feeding the kitchen appliances.
  • Roof damage above the kitchen, leaking water into cabinetry.
  • Large storms.

At Universal Doors we can assist you in many ways when it comes to cupboard water damage:

  • Restoration
  • Repairs
  • Replacement

When to restore and when to replace water damage kitchen cupboards:

If the cabinet has significant warping, buckling, major changes of colour, or a musty smell, it is necessary to replace the cabinet either in part or in whole.

Unfortunately, replacing kitchen cabinets is not an easy task and it can be difficult to match new cabinets to old ones. Because of this, you may need to replace all of your cabinets. If a cabinet has only minor warping, simple fading or streaking, you can repair your kitchen cabinets easily enough. If the cupboards water damage is not just aesthetic and the functionality of your cabinets are compromised, it may be time to consider a complete replacement.

A kitchen flood will surely not spare your countertops and kitchen cabinets, and you might have to replace them in case of severe damage to the material. The surface and interior of your cabinet might get damaged beyond repair, and rot. If water damage is left unattended your kitchen cabinets can develop mold because of long exposure to water and especially if they remaining damp for a long period of time.

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