A Helpful Guide to Choosing a Cooker Hood for Your Kitchen

Cooker Hood for Kitchen

Choosing the right cooker hood comes down to its function and what finishing touch it gives to your kitchen. Before buying a cooker hood, you need to know more about it. Cooker hoods help keep your kitchen free from airborne smoke and grease but it ultimately makes your kitchens space look more appealing. A cooker hood is the filter of your kitchen, while cooking it removes smoke, steam and grease making your environment healthier and cleaner. Today’s cooker hoods have an incredibly wide range of styles and sizes. Here is a helpful guide to choosing a cooker hood for your kitchen.

What is The Difference between an Extraction Hood and a Recirculation Hood?

Extraction hoods and recirculation hoods are a form of ventilation that- is used in your home. A recirculation hood pulls air in through filters to counteract odours and remove grease particles. Recirculation hoods require carbon filters that need to be changed about once a year. An extraction hood filters air through a metal filter and extracts air through a duct that goes outside. It is highly effective for removing grease, excess moisture and odours from your kitchen while you’re cooking.

Style of Cooker Hoods You Can Choose From

Over the years cooker hood, kitchen extractor fans have become more popular on the market. When you decide which cooker is perfect for your kitchen, it can be baffling. All you need to concern yourself with is where you’d like to situate the hob, the size of it and whether you want a hidden cooker or to make it a feature in your kitchen.

Chimney Cooker Hoods

This a perfect hood if you prefer featuring or showing off your hood. It is made with stainless steel and has a wide extremity that is attached to a chimney – therefore the name. They are designed to go onto a wall standing alone or between your high gloss kitchen cabinets.

Integrated Cooker Hoods

Integrated hoods are designed with a very tasteful style and can be hidden when you are not using them. They are normally placed behind a door panel that looks like a wall-mounted unit from the front. It is designed for simple and easy to use by either flicking a switch or pulling a handle.

Designer Cooker Hoods

If you want a cooker hood that leaves a statement, then this is the design you are looking for and because of its style, it fits well in a contemporary and modern kitchen.

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